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Stone sculpture park Vilnoja

Vilnoja Stone Sculpture Park is a unique open-air museum of contemporary art, established near Vilnius, in Sudervė town. Situated on the picturesque shore of Vilnoja Lake and occupying a total area of 4 hectares, the Park offers an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the impressive works of art, which have been created from the hard Lithuanian granite by more than fifty authors from all over the world. The founder of the Park is Vidmantas Martikonis, the patron of arts and businessman. Back in 2001 he invited 8 famous Lithuanian artists to a stone sculpture symposium in order to freely turn their ideas into reality from a number of field boulders. It was the time when the first sculptures were erected in the Park and such symposiums started to be organised every year.

The tradition to bring together best sculptors from around the world in Sudervė quickly caught on, therefore today over 60 monumental works are exhibited in the Park.

Vilnoja Stone Sculpture Park invites you kindly to visit and spend a nice day free of charge. It is a great opportunity to become familiar with the variety of granite stone sculptures and the unlimited possibilities of the artists’ imagination as well as an extraordinary chance to admire breathtaking landscapes of the surroundings of the Vilnius region.


Zdziechovskio str. 27, Sudervė village, Vilnius District

+370 686 00067, +370 5 249 0346

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