atgal į sąrašą

Granary-museum of Rural Life and Lithuanian Palms in Čekoniškės

Permanent exhibition is dedicated to traditions, customs, and culture of Vilnius region. Easter Palms typical to the region and household articles are displayed. Exhibited Easter Palms differ in sizes and are of distinctive forms, such as ‘roller’-palms, flat-palms, rod-palms, figure-palms etc. Vilnius Easter Palms are made by carefully combining various multi-coloured dried plants, flowers, and painted wood chips and firmly weaving them on one side or around the dry wooden stick. Tuft of grey or green coloured lake bent-grass is typically placed on top of Easter Palm. Patterns of weaving and thickness of palms also differ. Traditional Vilnius Easter Palms were woven in winding pattern by combining bright colour flowers. In contrast, nowadays Easter Palms are usually of grey or dull colours and weaving pattern is simpler.

Čekoniškės Villager-Salon has its own ethnographic ensemble of Easter Palm makers “Cicha Nowinka”. They carry out educational activities of Easter-Palm-making for visitors of various ages and demonstrate the process of Easter Palms themselves. Even more, pre-registered visitors can also enjoy special cultural programme, which consists of performing traditional Polish, Lithuanian, and Belorussian songs from Vilnius region.


Čekoniškės village., Zujūnai Parish, Vilnius District., LT-14207

+370 678 37 529