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The Lavender Village offers you calm recreation in a wonderfully beautiful corner of the nature. The farm is just 28 km from Vilnius, between highways A1 and A2, on the road number 108, between the towns of Maisiogala and Dukstai. It is just 14 km from the Lavender Village to Kernave protected by UNESCO, and 35 km to the old capital of Lithuania – TRAKAI.

Here, surrounded by lavenders, you will be able to walk across lavender fields, to enjoy calmness, water pleasures, grills on the fire, to visit lavender shop. We are waiting for you not only during long holidays, but also for a day’s of evening’s rest. The quality of your rest in the Lavender Village campsite is very important for us. We kindly invite you to contact us regarding a reservation. In the farm of Lavender Village, different services are provided.

The time of blossoming of the lavender is July to September. However, the weather influences the time of blossoming, by extending or shortening it. In the lavender Village farm during the time of blossoming, excursions are held, lavender fields are rented for photo sessions, consultations on decoration by lavenders for different festivals or simply everyday are provided.

Lavender fields are a wonderfully romantic place for the wedding ceremony. In lavender fields, you can organize photo sessions of the wedding, christening and other important festivals.

Need reservation +370 686 30212 Jūratė L.
60,00 eur.
LAVENDER AROMATHERAPY ( 1 h, for 8 person)
Need reservation +370 671 21291 Monika M.
110,00 eur.
PARFUME MANUFACTURE ( 1,5h, for 8 person)
Need reservation +370 671 21291 Monika M.
LIPS BALM MANUFACTURE ( 1,5h, for 8 person)
Need reservation +370 671 21291 Monika M.
100,00 eur.
OYSTER TASTING (10 person)
Need reservation + 370 698 37 131 Antanas A.
130,00 eur.
PAINTING ON THE WATER – EBRU( 1,5h, for 10 person)
Need reservation +370 682 19010 Eglė D.
135,00 eur.
SNAILS TASTING (10 person)
Need reservation + 370 611 00390 Gediminas M.
175,00 eur.


(Lietuvių) Klevų g. 19, Kiemelių k., Vilniaus r.

+370 686 30212

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