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Neris Regional Park

The Neris Regional Park is, first and foremost, the Neris River with its picturesque environs, small villages and layers of history of old Lithuania. The Park has been founded in the most beautiful section of the Neris River seeking to preserve the distinctive landscape of the river valley, the original fauna and flora, a unique system of loops of the middle reaches of the Neris River and natural tributaries, as well as the cultural heritage.

The Neris Regional Park is laid out in the triangle– Vilnius–Trakai–Kernavė–linked with good roads of the country, which is especially attractive to tourists. Cognitive tours, various tourist routes are organised in the Park. The longest cognitive path in Lithuania for the disabled (2.3 km)–the cognitive path of Dūkštai oak- wood–is built here.

Getting there

By car: go north-west along Ukmergė Street in the direction of Paribio Street, choose exit towards Bukiškės / Sudervė / Kernavė. Then turn right at the sign Avižieniai / Bukiškės / Sudervė / Vilnius (about 25 km from Vilnius).

If you want to reach the cognitive path of Saidė (about 15 km from Vilnius) (N 54.719946° E 25.043057°) along the most beautiful Saidė River, you have to drive along the highway Vilnius–Kaunas, and 2 km beyond Grigiškės you have to turn right in the direction of Stirniai. Then drive about 4.5 km straight as far as the Saidė River (on your way you pass the territory of the former sanatorium Aušveita).

By train: go in the direction of Vilnius – Kaunas, get off at the station Lazdėnai. From there you can either cycle or walk along the tourist route of the Neris left bank. This 23-kilometre long route runs through the forest paths along the Velniakampis Loop that is the largest in the middle reaches of the Neris. While travelling you will surely never get lost as there are signs along the route to follow.


Vilniaus str. 3, LT-14019 Dūkštos village, Vilnius District


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