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Museum of Vladislavas Sirokomlė

Next to the old Vilnius – Minsk road, near Vilnius, in Bareikiškės village stands a manor built in the 19th century. Famous poet Vladislavas Sirokomlė (real name: Liudvikas Kondratovičius) lived there for eight years since 1853. The years that the poet had spent there were the most productive in his career. Bareikškės manor is the place where he wrote 24 of his works, including one of his most significant pieces – “Margiris” which has become a symbol for the Lithuanians who fought Teutonic knights. He also wrote the first tourist guide for Lithuania where he wrote, that it is a huge shame for someone not to know anything about his country or even worse – to know other countries better than he knows the country that he lives in.
In 1973 a memorial chamber was opened in Bareikiškės manor in order to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the poet‘s day of birth. This exhibit illustrated the life and works of Vladislavas Sirokomlė, a memorial plaque was put on the wall. Bareikiškės manor was reconstructed in 2011 and now Vladislavas Sirokomlė museum, a village library with an internet reading-room and Vilnius district tourist information centre are open there. Bareikiškės manor is also a place for gatherings of poets, Central library of Vilnius district organise spring poetry festivals “Sirokomlės Lyra”.
About Vladislavas Sirokomlė
Poet Vladislavas Sirokomlė (Liudvikas Vladislavas Pranciškus Sirokomlė) was born on 29 of Semptember, 1823 in Smolsky Village (Belarus). At first he learned in Nesviz, later moved to Novahrudak.
1853 Vl. Sirokomlė came to Vilnius and settled in Vokiečių (German) Street.
His home soon became a literary salon, visited by such guests as E. Odinec, M. Malinovski, E. Tiszkiewicz, St. Moniuszka. In 1853 he bought the Bareikiškės estate near Vilnius and lived there until 1860. The Poet died in 1862 and was buried in Rasos Cemetery.
Vl. Sirokomlė in Polish language wrote poetry, epic and publicistic essays, travels about the nature of Lithuania, its cultural monuments and people, works of Polish literature and history, translated Renaissance poetry from Latin to Polish.
The best works: “Thoughts of the Regent Sikorski”, “Memories from Nesviz”, “Fashionable Wife”, “Village Politicians”, “On the Glory of the God and the King”, “The Old Gate”, Three Daughters of Lithuania”, “Nemunas: from the Source to the Mouth of It”, “Trips around Lithuania starting from Vilnius”.
The Museum was founded in 1973 in the house where the poet Vladislavas Sirokomlė used to live in 1853–1860. In Bareikiškės during every spring the festival “Spring of Poetry“ is being organized.


Sirokomlės str. 5, Bareikiškės village., Vilnius District. LT-13176

+370 5 243 6402

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